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Lego Batman Review

After much anticipation, and having to wait an extra week to watch it. I finally got to see the Lego Batman movie. As a massive Batman fan, and someone who enjoyed the Lego Movie very much, I had high hopes for this movie. Here are my thoughts on it.

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Will 343 Finally Give us the Halo Game We Deserve?

As Halo Wars approaches, this will be the third Halo game 343 studios will have given us. I’m not saying Halo 4 & 5 weren’t good games, they just weren’t up their with the quality we expect from a Halo title, third times the charm?

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Iron Fist Trailer Reaction

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Remembering Gears of War

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For Honor Beta Impressions

When I first saw this game announced on E3, I cant deny I was intrigued by it. Samurais fight Vikings fighting Warriors, the possibilities for an epic RPG game was there. The world created, and the character designs looked impressive, however I had a few reservations for two reasons

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Time To Invest In A Smart Watch

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Underrated MCU Villains

Aside from Loki and the incoming Thanos, the villains in the MCU have been a long standing criticism in all the movies. It is the most common and usually the only main issue, fans and critics have had with the movies. I know they haven’t been that strong, but I can think of five who actually posed quite a credible threat to the heroes. Continue reading “Underrated MCU Villains”

Mass Effect Andromeda Hype

I know its a little early, but after last weeks announcement of the Mass Effect Andromeda release date. I have already started counting down to it, in fact I have already decided I will be taking some time off work to play it. I live in the UK, so I will need to wait a few extra days as it will be releasing on the 23rd March for us. This game is going to be so so sooo gooooood!

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I defeated Myself, To Get Myself Back Up

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