Transitioning from Student to Full Time Work

I graduated from the University of Portsmouth on July 2015, for bsc Computing Honours. Although it has been seven months since then and a lot of changes in my life have happened. It still only feels a couple months ago I was travelling to university with my friends for a long day in the library to work on coursework. When I began my final year of university, I was dreading it. I did not want the flexibility of student life to end. Being able to have lazy days, not having to wake up early daily, being able to stay out late or stay in doors to play xbox. I in fact was dreading the 9-5 life, that I actually have now. Furthermore I was worried I wouldn’t even have a good job to go straight into. Β It all somehow worked out in the end, and I am not missing being a student at all and here is why.

Less free time = More flexibility?

I actually got a sense of this when I got my first part time job while at uni. But now that I’m working 9-5 Monday to Friday, I really understand how it works. When you know what hours you are not free and the hours you are. All of a sudden making plans, commitments, nights out etc become a lot easier to do. Why? because you are systematically working on a schedule, that you have to follow. Me and my friends know when we are working and when we have other activities outside of work. All of a sudden, we are not deciding on what day/time we should meet depending on how we feel. But instead when we are available and when you are working more, you are more likely to pencil in that plan on those times you know you have nothing to do. I don’t actually like having more than an hour or two of having nothing to do. So my hours outside of work during the weekdays, I always have something to look forward to before I have to sleep for the next day.

When I was at University, there were a ton of things I wanted to do. But I didn’t always do them, because I knew I had an exam or coursework due. Or some group project or an early lecture to attend. Now I am able to watch that TV show I been planning to watch, because I don’t have coursework to complete. Now I can go for that late meal, because I don’t have an exam to revise for. Now I can relax and bring out that sketchpad and draw something because my mind is at peace and Im not stressing about that presentation tomorrow. We go to university or do that apprenticeship so it gives us the platform to get that job, where we can go and work them hours and once we are done we are free to do whatever we want. This is the pleasant surprise I found, when I got my first job since finishing University. Ive been able to go gym, and stay consistent which has made a huge impact on my health and lifestyle. Ive been able to eat at new places and meet new people, and as mentioned earlier that sketchpad is coming out a lot more now. On top of this, I have more time to spend with my family and and fulfil my duties at home.

I might be making the student life sound stress full and we never have time on our hands. To an extent it is true, because depending on how well you want to do. Being a student is like working two jobs. You travel to uni and attend your lectures and seminars. Eat in between classes and do some coursework or prep for the next seminar. Once the day is over, you can relax for a little bit. But now you have to do that extra reading your teacher asked you to do or start working on that essay. This is something that reached a boiling point for me, when doing my final year project in my third year while also working three days a week for a part time job.

Now when the weekend comes or I have booked time off work. I don’t have that stress and tension of coursework and exams. I can do all the things I mentioned earlier and then some. Let me tell you it feels great!

So if you’re a student, do not worry when it is your turn to enter the world of full time employment. You will find yourself having more time than you have ever had and enjoying life a whole lot more. This is because that student life you had and did not want to end, has given you the platform to have an even better one after. I want to also end here by saying, even if your not a student by title you will always be a student because you will always be learning and developing your skills. Just value your time and ensure you pick that job that will give you that freedom to learn and do the things you want to do in life.








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