Why Do People Hate Apple?

Personally I like apple, but I’m not a diehard fan either

“Well I don’t like apples at all, prefer bananas”

I’m talking about the company not the fruit…


The company at the moment right now is probably at the least innovative stage it has been since before The Late Steve Jobs returned to the company many years ago. Testament to the great man. But even when the company was at the very top of it’s game, many many many people were hating on the company and it’s products. From my observations over the years from articles, forums, to general conversations with other people. It has come down to three things..

  1. The Price of Apple Products
  2. Company trying to keep a closed eco system
  3. The Apple fans

 “I don’t Understand number 2”

We will start with that then

Apple are all about keeping their audience “Their” audience. Meaning if you have one apple device, they want you to have another one to support that said device and the device following on with that one.

Apple Eco System

For instance: Bought an Iphone? get an Ipad, got the Ipad? get the IMac. They do this, because their are services and features apple provide that are exclusive to there own platforms, which can be utilised best by connecting their devices with other devices of their own.

For example – creating a shared album of photos via the cloud, sending content to other devices without the need of a separate internet connection. Having multiple itunes profiles, the list goes on.

“Whats wrong in that? all their platforms follow a simple and familiar interface. So it will be easy to jump from one device to another”

Exactly, and if you ask any “Apple fan” they will say the same exact thing and also they are happy with this set up.

But hey, people don’t want to have to do everything through apple. There are plenty of other companies that offer these services that could be better, cheaper or more convenient. Which there are, it is important to remember apple do not wholeheartedly stop someone from using other companies services on their devices. for example MAC Office, or more recently Apple music being available on android devices.

On to point number 1.

“Yes the part where they charge you double or even triple the amount for their products”

See I own a macbook and an Iphone, so I’m in no position to criticise them for their prices. But six months ago, I had neither and I didn’t criticise their prices then. As at the end of the day, Apple are a business and they have to make money. And they know the prices they set for their products will sell. Not just sell, sell very well. So why should they lower the prices because others say it is over priced?

But one thing you can not criticise is, you buy one of their products. You get a very premium feel to them and very reliable device that will last you for a very long time. The other quirks with their products will have to be saved for another blog.

And finally their fans. or rather “Apple fan boys”

“Oh my life I dislike these people sooo much! They think everything about Apple is amazing, all their products is the best and that nothing can beat them”

Not going to deny this, that is exactly what they are. But that applies to any type of fanboy. Whether it be for Consoles, cars, football teams, games etc. Problem with Apple fan boys is, they are more prominent than other fanboys and add this to the hate for their products being expensive. It riles people up even more, when they see an apple fan line up for a midnight launch for the iPhone6s when they already have the iPhone 6.

People waiting patiently for the new Iphone

That is their choice and their decision. You deal with it and move on, but we should not hate the company for it. Maybe they could reduce the prices and maybe they could be more innovative. But at the end of the day, until you have given them a fair chance, you really have no reason to hate on them. I have a macbook, android tablet and Windows PC. So Im one of the lucky ones to enjoy all three services. So I am able to be subjective. But it was only a short while ago, I only had one. I did not hate then and do not now, each platforms have their pros and cons.

There are many other reasons why people hate Apple. But I find these three reasons not a sufficient reason enough for people to do so.


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