Is Your Mind Taking Over?

I often find my mind is saying and thinking things, but it happens so often and so fast. That I cant take it in or remember what I was originally thinking and if it was relevant or not.

“You’re telling me? I cant even keep up, and I am you”

It can be anything… from the past, present, future. Something I wanted to do, something I want to change, something I want to do different. Im feeling agitated, excited about something when there is nothing. Yet I feel like Im standing still and I want to be moving

“no kidding, you been pacing up and down your small room while writing this blog. like you desperately need to pee or something”

I do sort of, but it can wait

Like have you ever found yourself writing something, for example a text. You are meant to type one thing in the text, but your mind is on something completely different. So you write that in your text, and say out loud what you were going to write in the text. Which has nothing to do with, where and what you are doing when writing said text. But the truth is you don’t know which is which anymore, and its only after you get the response from the text that you realise what you just did?

“wait…You asking me or the reader?”

You of course, no one reads our blogs

“well I don’t know, I am you. So asking me is like asking a rhetorical question!”

Well after doing some extensive research..

“Googling for about 10 or so mins”

I have found, your mind is obviously telling you something. It will be of your best interest to listen to it. Maybe jot down these thoughts, in a journal, piece of paper or phone/tablet/laptop. There will be a hidden gem in there, Which could help reach your goals, something your struggling with. A change in direction your looking for or even that path you got lost on the way.

I decided to blog

“lies! You wanted to write in a diary, but you thought it only something girls do. You sexist Douche!”

I’m trying to finish this blog on a high okay!

So yes, if your mind is running super fast. Sit back, and take it all in. It could be in your best interests.



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