Fable Legends No More…

“Say it aint so..”

“Is so..(Wipes tear)”


Hanno Lemke General Manager, Microsoft Studios “After much consideration we have decided to cease development on Fable Legends, and are in discussions with employees about the proposed closure of Lionhead Studios in the UK.”

He goes on to say, that the decision was difficult to make. Thanks all the talented developers who worked for Lionhead studios, and despite the cancelation of Fable Legends, the company remains committed to deliver quality triple A titles for the Xbox One.

Lionhead Studios were founded back in 1996, released the first Fable on the original Xbox and the corresponding sequels on the xbox 360.

Fable 2

Fable Legends was announced back in 2013, and was due to be originally released in the 4th quarter of 2015. Following on, there was a plan to release a beta for the free to play spin off in the spring this year. To demonstrate the cross platform compatibility between xbox one and Windows 10 machines.

“I am heart broken 😦 “

The fable series was by no means a top top quality RPG franchise. It falls just below that bracket of: Elder Scrolls, Fallout Series, Β and the Mass Effect trilogy, to name a few. But there was no denying the series had it’s own distinct charm in telling tales and leaving long lasting memories in gamers hearts.

“I remember when My Second wife caught me with my first wife’s son, while buying a ring for my third wife in Fable 2”

“Ohh yeah those divorces were not pretty”

The series had you playing a hero to save the world of albion and in a different era for each game. While implementing moral questioning choices that would effect your character and the world around you. Be a hero who protected his people? have a halo above your head and be a loyal king?

“Or be a bad ass, who did what he wants and when he wants with horns”

Sweet Mother of the lord…I mean devil hehe

In fable legends the idea was. 4 players play as a hero and they have to take down the villain who is played by another player. Taking the concept of being hero to anti hero to bad guy to villain to another level. Even though the Fable series never managed to always meet all the claims they would promise for each title. They did get close each time, and Fable legends looked like a title to really look forward to.

Fable Legends

The series will be missed by me, luckily I still have my copies of Fable 1 and 2. I will cherish them even more. Hopefully the creative talent in Lionhead studios will be back on their feet soon and look forward to the next game they create.



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