Iphone SE (5s 2.0)

So the new Iphone SE is out!


“Bruh thats the 5S”

No no it is a new iPhone but just looks like the 5S..

So apple released the 5SE claiming it is the smaller version of the iPhone 6S. For those who want all the new things in the company’s latest flagship, but in the more compact 4inch size.

“Bruh its a 5S”

Anyways, yes it looks exactly like the iphone 5S released back in 2013. Except it comes in rose gold option too.

“Its the Rose Gold 5S”

Okay enough now, aesthetically it looks like the 5s. But internally it is actually much improved than the iphone 5s, and here are the differences


Iphone 5S

Iphone SE




Camera (rear)




A7 64-bit

A9 64-bit





“Is that it? what about force touch? does it have the latest version of touch ID? Also how many mps is the front camera?”

Well there is no force touch… Has the older version of touch ID and the front camera is still 1.2 megapixels.

“Bruh..It really is the iPhone 5S”

Well Apple are stating it is not just for those who want a smaller iPhone, but also for those who are on a budget or looking for an entry level Iphone.

“Ohh okay, so it must be quite cheap then?”

Yeah about that…

16GB starts off at £359, and 64GB is £439.

“Whaaaaaat! I can get the Nexus 6S 32GB for cheaper, Samsung S6, LG G3, OnePlusTwo. So many other better phones out in the market right now that are better and cheaper”

Alternatives with better value for money

Yes you are right, you can and if your looking for a good entry level phone which actually fits the “Budget Phone” category, those would be better options. However they are not “Apple” and so undoubtedly consumers will still buy this phone in spades, and continue to put dollars in Apples wallets while they continue with the lazy and uninspired trend they have started with their recent product launches.

Steve Jobs, if you are out there. Please send a saviour for your beloved company…


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