Batman vs Superman Review

I will be honest, I was going into this movie with moderate expectations..

Initially the first two trailers released for the movie had my hyped for it. Then the third one was released….and that fire in my stomach for this movie was quickly extinguished.


The trailer showed, that Doomsday will be the villain that our heroes will face at the end of the movie and ultimately gave away the entire plot. There were two issues with this,

  1. Ruining the surprises for us
  2. Not really an interesting plot..

But hey, It is Batman vs Superman still. The film will still be worth watching, this is something we comic book fans have been wanting to see for years!

Unfortunately, this movie disappointed me and overall it has been a waste of such high potential.

Before we start on the bad, and there is a lot of bad! lets talks about what was good.

Batfleck = Best Batman yet.

For me, the best movie adaptation of Batman was done by Michael Keaton. He mastered the batman swag, even though he had to wear a very physically limited suit as well as being a cool Bruce Wayne. Christian Bale did a great job as Bruce Wayne, but I never really digged that voice…

Affleck however, didn’t just pull of a merciless, angry, cold and bruising batman. But he also pulled off that sophisticated suave of Bruce Wayne. He did a great job of coming across, as a man who has been burdened by his past and the years of punishment he has had to endure being Gotham’s saviour.

The Action

Credit it to Zach Snyder, he really knows how to create a spectacle. He brought a lot of style to this movie. From the opening credits of Thomas and Martha Waynes death, to the fight scenes between Superman and Batman. Explosions, limbs breaking, destructions. Movie had the lot, in this sense you will be entertained.

Couple of other short points.

  1. Reason for why Batman would want to fight superman was well justified from his perspective. On the contrary, reason why Superman would dislike batman really could have been flushed out more.
  2. Seeds for the Justice league movie were well planted and their were a host of great easter eggs.

Onto the bad…

Lex luther

Jessie Eisenberg, is one of my favourite actors. For this bias, I defended his casting and told people. Maybe he will act totally different to his past roles and show a young Lex luther in the movie. The image of him being bald, looked promising too. I even went and said, he may even join a gym and put on a bit of muscle to look a little meaner. Unfortunately, I was wrong, more wrong than I could have possibly imagined. He essentially played the same role he has played in all the other movies he is known for.. and I will go far as to say, almost a parody of them roles, if that is even possible. Every time he was on screen, I raised a deep sigh, and on top of that his reason for hating Superman was very shallow and weak. He saw him as a devil from the sky, and wants to take him down. That is it, nothing else.


This is probably Snyders biggest weakness. His story telling skills aren’t that great,he is more of a style over substance type of director. For some movies thats perfectly fine, for example, 300. But for this movie, no way. Especially as this is the movie to start the Justice league, and set up future installments and spin offs within the DC franchise. There were many scenes, where I was just thinking to myself is this really necessary and others where they felt really out of place. Movie at times felt very slow and many story elements did not make much sense either. As I mentioned earlier, Luther’s reasons for hating Superman was very weak, and the US governments reasons for questioning whether Superman is a friend or foe did not make much sense either. Which leads to my next issue.

Superman a character or Plot device?

I am not a Superman fan, in fact I really don’t like him as a superhero either. But hey I am not biased and still appreciate that he is a hero and has qualities. He is seen as a symbol of hope, someone who made the choice to use his powers to protect a planet that is not even he is. At times the movie showed this, but not nearly enough. This was a man, no matter how much good he did, he was being held responsible for the things he could not protect or save. The movie should have focused on the events of what happened in the last movie and how he is dealing with the burden of the lives lost and destruction that was caused in his fight with Zod. So when the US government questioned him whether he is a friend or foe, they could raise this as the issue. What if he ever lost his cool? what if he decided he did not want to be a hero anymore? what if someone took his powers for evil? This would have also connected the reasons to why Batman wanted to fight superman. Instead, he was used as a plot device for Batman wanting to fight him and giving luther an excuse to create Doomsday.

The ending…

I did not like the ending at all. The fight scenes were great. but it felt like it was shoehorned in. Batman vs Superman fight before that was brilliant, but a bit too short as well. Doomsday is one of Superman’s greatest foes and he deserves his own film, instead he is put in the for the last act just to unite Batman, Superman and Wonder woman. On top of that he did not look great either.


Overall, there was some good elements to the film. Seeing Batman and Superman in one film and clashing was awesome. But that is as good as it got which was only a quarter of the film. The rest was either non sensical or wasn’t explored enough to really keep me engaged. I am an avid comic book fan and I have read the lore. So I feel like I can justify myself when I say this. But this is just my opinion there are still plenty who enjoyed this movie, however for me it was ultimately a disappointment.



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