HTC 10

Before I switched over to the Iphone 6S back in September last year. For 5 years I was an Android mobile user. The first Android phone I bought was the HTC Desire HD, and the last one I bought was the HTC M8. In between I owned a Samsung Galaxy Note 2, Nexus 5 and Sony Experia Z (after losing the HTC M8 while playing football 😦 ) Out of all these phones, my favourites were the HTCs for many reasons. However last years HTC M9 was a major disappointment, but HTC have made a comeback with this years Flagship in a big big way.

Before I discuss what the HTC 10 have done great this year, lets talk about what went wrong with last years model.

The Disappointing M9


  • No Finger print scanner
  • Poor rear facing camera
  • No real improvement to software
  • Screen no improvement over the M8
  • Design only partially improved.


These issues have been addressed with the HTC 10.

Return to Form? HTC 10


You now have a finger print scanner, that is quick and works well. Instead of giving us a camera with over inflated pixels, they have given a more focused 12 Ultra Pixel camera.

The camera is a huge improvement, and for the first time in a very long time. HTC can say they have a camera that can compete with other high end smartphones on the market. It’s shutter speed is extremely quick, you have a load of settings to play with to get the camera adjusted to your liking and also you have 4K recording in as well. The front camera is as good as you expect since the M8 back in 2014, packing a 5 megapixel camera.

The operating system is where the HTC M10 really shines. As with all android phones apart from the Nexus devices, you get the android operating system as well the additional software by the phone manufacturer. Which usually leaves you with a phone with a bunch of additional apps and widgets that get in the way of the slick android operating system. HTC however teamed with Google, and what they have done. They have let the android OS run most of the phone, with its stock apps. With a trimmed down overly of HTC sense on top. You get the additional features that HTC brings but does not give you two of the same apps and does not get in the way of the current Android Marshmallow operating system.

Feels Very Much Like Stock Android

This makes the most of the flagship specs that you come to expect, so the phone runs extremely quick and will so over a period of time. Its as close as you will get to running the phone on stock android. Which is great!

HTC were the first to release phones with a metal body, since then both Apple, Samsung and many others have followed suit. The M8 was almost perfect, except for two things. Power button awkwardly placed on the top, the full metal body meant it was slippery to hold around the sides. The M9 addressed the issue with the power button being moved to the side of the phone, and this year they have add chamfered edges to the phone to make it easier to grip. Although the edges don’t look that pleasing on the eye, they make the phone much more practical to hold.

The edges don’t look so bad in black.


On top of this you have the beautiful Quad HD screen, expandable storage, and the Boom Sound speakers HTC are well known for.

So overall HTC finally dealt with the elephant in the room with their phones, with a great camera. Flagship specs, a clean OS, and great looking phone to boot. The real HTC has come back.




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