Captain America Civil War Review

Being a big Marvel fan, I am going to try to write an un biased review as much as possible. Having said that this movie was amazing! better than what I could have thought it to be, and really a great start for phase 3 in the MCU and an even better sequel to Captain America Winter Soldier.


“Alright alright, can we get to the main thing please?”

Whats that?

“Ohh come on, you know…SPIDERMAN!”

Spiderman Has Arrived

Well I wanted to build up to him, but seeing as you are so eager… lets start with him. Now once again its hard to be un biased, as the only superhero I love more than Batman is indeed Spiderman. I have wanted him to be part of the MCU ever since the Avengers movie and even more so after the disappointing Amazing Spiderman 2. I just knew, Spiderman belongs in this universe and if he was going to get that movie he deserves he would need to back in Marvel hands.

“Can I just say Tom Holland smashed it, he hit the ball out the park”

When he was announced as Spiderman, the internet comments really annoyed me and really got to me. Sometimes I hate the internet community especially the comic book crowd even though I am a part of it.

“I remember the comments, people saying ‘It is supposed to be Spiderman not Spiderboy’ and other rubbish for being a young actor picked for the role”

Lets get it out here now, Spiderman got his powers at a very early age. What distinguished him from other superheroes, was that he was just a teenager, and a teenager most teenagers could relate to. He was that guy that you would read about, and think I could be that guy too. His introduction was truly memorable, he has only been spiderman for six months and he is still learning how to use his powers, and he played that nerdy/shy/whitty teen that spiderman is known for perfectly. Soon as he arrived at the battle scene, even though he knew he was in a battle, he couldn’t help but still compliment the heroes like Captain America, as they were his idols and who he was a fan of. Which came across both awkward and exciting for him when they were fighting with one another. Which is why Tom Holland I salute you for portraying the best on screen Spiderman I have ever seen.

“That bit, where he says ‘you have the right to remain silent’ to falcon, still makes me laugh”


Now on to the actual main part of the movie, which is the “Civil war” Now obviously this movie was never going to be as huge as it was in the comics. It would probably take about three movies and also more superheroes to be involved. So what the Russo brothers did, was make this a more personal one.

There were two parts to this;

  • The casualties from all the events from previous movies as well as the opening battle in this movie, all the innocent people killed and the destruction that was left after the Avengers defeated their enemies
  • The Winter soldier being hunted by the government for being framed for a bombing at a world congress event.

With both elements the Cap is the centre stage, And so he should be.With all these superheroes and the inclusion of Spiderman, it would have been easy to forget this is a Captain America movie. But the Cap is at the centre of it all, where as Tony Starks character over the past few movies has changed along with his way of thinking and ideologies. The Cap has always remained the same. Which is to fight another day, fight for the innocent, not everyone can be saved but that comes with the job. If the Avengers did not do what they do, then there would be even more tragedies.

But when over 70 countries join together to create the Sokovia Accords, where they institute that the Avengers should answer to the UN, meaning they only get involved in world affairs when the government ask them to and not just go wherever they see danger, the Cap and Ironman clash.

Tony is feeling the guilt from what happened in Age of Ultron, he has seen the devastation that has been caused by the Avengers during their battles. He himself raised the point if they are going about their ways with unlimited power and no limitations, then they are no better than the bad guys. Which is a fair point, and during the film you see both sides present the pros and cons to going against the accords. However the Cap makes the most important point(well I think so anyway). If the avengers sign the document, they are answering to the government. They are signing up to work for people who have agendas, and agendas always change. What if the Avengers have to go and do something they do not want to do? what if their are lives they can save but they are unable to do so as they do not have the governments permission. By signing the accords, the Avengers lose their right to making choices on their own and ultimately their freedom.

To make things complicated, Bucky who is now an ex Hydra solider who has been hiding since the Winter Soldier movie, is framed for the bombing of the world congress, where the Sokovia Accords are put into motion. Ironman and his team are tasked to bring him in, the world government also send their forces after him, with shoot on sight instructions.

Brothers in Arms

Now the Cap who is Bucky’s best friend, knows that Bucky had been brainwashed over several years by Hydra and was forced into committing acts for them. Knows deep down it couldn’t have been Bucky who committed the bombing. So he sets out to go find him, knowing if he gets involved he will be going against the law, but it’s his best friend and the Cap has to do this.

As it happens, during the bombing the king of Wakanda is killed while making his speech. His son was also there, and after seeing the footage of Bucky leaving the scene, he goes about on his own path for revenge, and this is where we see the Black Panther

“Oh my, this guy was so bad ass! His suit was slick and his fighting style was so unique”

Very Cool Suit

I have to be totally honest, I have no clue about Black Panther. So seeing him on screen for the first time, I was blown away how cool he was, and his introduction the MCU was also memorable. Every time he was on scene with or without the suit you would be glued to the screen, this guy just wanted to kill Bucky to avenge his dad, and him being the King of his country did not care what it took. He put his suit on and went about taking on anyone that got in his way.

The Villain

Now the person who actually framed Bucky is Baron Zemo. His family in Sokovia were killed during the events of Age Of Ultron. Ever since then, he has been plotting his revenge against the Avengers. Now quite a few people did not find him a great villain, but I found him actually a refreshing change from the norm. Instead of having that generic villain, who wants to take over the world or cause worldwide devastation. This was a guy who’s sole purpose was to take down the avengers, he knew he could never take them down himself. The only way they could be beaten, was taking them down within. Which is exactly what he did by framing Bucky, and later on in the movie is where he plays the cruelest card you could ever think of. As it happens back when Bucky was under the control of Hydra, he was tasked to kill Tony Starks parents, to retrieve a serum that could be used to create more Winter soldiers. It shows in the footage, Bucky punching Tony’s dad in the face till he was killed and then choking his mum to death.

Now with this very gripping, emotional story. It would have been easy to get tangled in all the webs that were being weaved. On top of this there are quite few superheroes in this film.

“Vision, Antman, Black Widow, Falcon, Hawkeye, Scarlett Witch, Iron Patriot”

Can I just say Vision really grew on me in this film, he came across more human than just a synthetic being. There were parts in the movie, where he was battling himself to do what is right and to do what his feelings were wanting him to do instead.

That Battle

The epic battle at the airport, it is impossible to describe how great it was. I don’t know how, but the Russo brothers managed to give every character a moment to shine in the battle. This battle wasn’t just one super move after one super move, one superhero fighting another superhero. Everyone faced off with another, everyone had a clash, there was spectacle moments, wow moments, funny moments and that nail biting finish too.

“It had it all, and it was hands down the best Superhero fight scene I have seen in a movie.”

Where is Spiderman??

The ending to the movie was very emotional, it leaves some burning questions that need answering afterwards. At the same time it was also a satisfying bitter sweet ending, both Captain America and Ironman have their own paths set. Which will surely join together in the Infinity wars, but how that happens I am very excited to see.

Best MCU Movie yet?

If you are a superhero fan you need to see this movie. If you enjoy Drama, politics, comedy, family, and action then this is a must watch.

I highly recommend watching at least Captain America Winter Solider and Avengers Age of Ultron before seeing this one, otherwise not all story elements will make sense and the emotional impact will not be felt. Up to this point Guardians of the Galaxy was my favourite Marvel Movie, but Captain America Civil War has now taken the number 1 spot.

Well done to the Russo Brothers and Marvel, another smash hit that all comic book fans will have enjoyed and appreciated very much.

Epic Epic Epic!


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