Standby for Titanfall…2

Two years after Titanfall was released back on Xbox One and PC, developer Respawn entertainment bring us Titanfall 2 published by EA. This time round, the game will also be released on PS4.


Its Here..

The original Titanfall, was a breath of fresh air in the increasingly congested First Person Shooter (FPS) genre. The game introduced parkour mechanics, with giant Titans that players could take control over and battle one another with.

The parkour in particular was a great mechanic, allowing players to run and jump from one wall to another, going through one building, to climbing to the top of it. You could traverse any map, from one end to another within seconds. It brought in a high level of tempo to the game, that made it more about timing your jumps and runs to take down your enemies, rather than waiting for that exact moment for an enemy to appear.

Then with the huge titans that players could call, after accumulating a certain amount of points. Would change the dynamic of battle completely. Before long you will have titans destroying one another, causing rockets to fall from the skies, picking off pilots like ants, and forcing an almost cat and mouse chase between players still fighting as pilots and others as titans.


Youve Been Spotted.jpg
I see you

As fun as the game was, there were notable shortcomings with the first one. These were:

  •  No real dedicated single player mode
  • Limited amount of weapons, and titans
  • Lack of real customisation
  • Only a few number of multiplayer modes


The lack of a real single player mode, has already been addressed. EA published a single player trailer, which shows the developers have listened to fans feedback and included an actual story behind Titanfall.

Story Mode Trailer

The developers have also promised alot more weapons for players to choose from, as well as more titans to play with. All this with a more deeper customisation set up, to make each pilot and titan to truly represent a player.

As for gameplay, looks to be more of what made titanfall great but even more intense and frenetic, they have also upped the anty with parkouring by equipping players with a grappling hook. Which is not only usable for traversing maps, but also taking down enemy players.

Titanfall 2.jpg
Its as destructive as it looks.

As a huge fan of the original, I am very excited for this game and honestly cannot wait for this game to come out. If you are looking for something different in the FPS games, I implore you to give this game a try, and for those who enjoyed the first one, but were not satisfied with its content. Keep this one on your list, as this looks to be the real Titanfall we have wanted.

Game release date is, 28 October 2016. See you on the battlefield Pilot.

Multiplayer Trailer


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