How To Get Pokemon GO On IOS In UK

Following a few simple steps, for all you iPhone users in the UK. Can join the android users in taking part in Pokemon GO. Well unless you want to wait for the official un confirmed release date in UK.

Hurry up and Tell me!

Okay Okay Jheeze..

Follow these steps below.

  1. Create a new Apple ID, and set location as United states
  2. Ignore the billing details, and input a USA address.  American Address Generator
  3. Verify new Apple ID
  4. Go onto settings on your iPhone, and change location to United States.
  5. This can be found under general, and from there: “Language & Region”
  6. Sign out of your current Apple ID.
  7. Open the App store, find a random app and select download.
  8. When prompted, sign in with the new Apple ID you have created.
  9. Close the App store, and completely shut down the app.
  10. Re open the app store, type in Pokemon Go
  11. This should now appear, and select download.
  12. Once downloaded, open the app.
  13. Enable location settings, and begin your journey to become a pokemon Master!


Why thank you kind sir

You’re welcome me.


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