Xbox One S, The Console We Should Have Got 3 Years Ago

Microsoft have now officially released the latest iteration of the Xbox One. Nearing its three year anniversary, the S model is a smaller more sleeker package than the original. But poses more questions as to why someone should buy this console rather than answers to why it should.

One S

“Oooh sounding all philosophical here huh”

Ssh this is a serious article here!

I always expected there to be a slim version of the xbox one, somewhere down the consoles life span.

“I thought it would be nearer to the end to be honest.”

So did I, but it has actually come out while you can say the console is still in it’s in infancy. My biggest issue, is actually not with the console itself but rather some of the design changes that have been made, which should have been there in the first place.


  • Power brick built in to the console
  • 4K streaming support
  • Ultra HD BluRay player
  • IR Blaster

Furthermore, the controller itself has had some refinements just to make it a little more comfortable to play with. However, the controller still comes with the need for AA Batteries..

“Do they have like a contract with Duracell or something?”

Whether they do have one with a Battery company, Microsoft it is 2016 now. It really is not asking for much to have batteries built in with a charging kit. This should be a standard, Sony did it back in last Gen so why in this current one, are we still forced to buy a play and charge kit??

“I personally use a docking station”

Well the controller with the console should still come with a play & charge kit like everyone else.

S model similar size as PS4 though.

So okay, apart from that…

The console itself is a big improvement from the current Xbox One. However the actual software improvements in terms of user interface is still being worked on, after 3 years…

It was only a year ago, where the whole menu interface was completely improved. It is much more intuitive and is not reliant on using the Kinect like the previous interface. Although I would not say, they have given up on the Kinect just yet. As they have introduced the “Hey Cortana” feature on Xbox One.

“You know, it doesn’t even sound like Cortana.”

As my xbox came with the Kinect, I do like to use some of its features as they can come in handy. Such as telling it to increase the volume, snapping an App, telling it to record a clip etc. However now I have to first initially say “Hey Cortana” In order for Kinect to first listen to me. Which does not even work all the time, or I have to wait a second or two to give the system a chance to get ready for my next command.

“Wow major nick-picking here”

Maybe so, but trust me it just feels like they have added an extra step to already something that was straightforward.

Overall I will say the OS is still great to use, and I will say much more fluid than the old one and on par with the Sony console. Which is quite embarrassing to say, as it took Microsoft 3 years to get it right. But even then, the initial boot up still takes longer than Sony’s console.

Personally prefer this over Sony’s Dashboard

Finally, as great as the new Xbox One S is now. Is there any point in someone buying this console? Project Scorpio will be out next year, which will be another iteration of the Xbox One console. This one will have full 4K support, be the most powerful Xbox One and will have VR support included. If you already have an Xbox One, wait for Scorpio to come out, if you do not have one currently, I would still say wait for Scorpio. If you are really desperate to start playing the new Xbox One games, buy the original at a discounted price. If you are just a casual gamer and just want something small and nice looking, then get the Xbox One S, but really how many of you are out there that fall under that category?

Overall I think Microsoft have taken just as many step forwards as they have backwards. For every good thing they have done for their current console, they have also done something bad or overlooked. Even so, I will commend them for one thing…

“The Games!”

Yes since its launch there have been a vary of different games to play and crucially a number of exclusive titles. This was where the company started to lose focus nearer to the end of the Xbox 360. So far the quality of exclusive titles haven’t reach the heights of previous gens, but there have been ones that are worth playing and collectively make the console worth purchasing to play these titles.

“Sunset Overdrive, Forza Motorsport, Killer Instinct, and the upcoming titles such as Recore & Gears of War 4” 

Another New IP for Microsoft 

Lets hope with Project Scorpio Microsoft continue this focus, and get the console right the first time, as I personally see this as a new generation console, along with Sony’s Neo and Nintendo’s NX.


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