PS4 Pro

The first official MID Gen console has been released by Sony, going by the name of the Playstation Pro

Buy 1 PS4 get half free

“Did they just put another PS4 on top of another PS4?”

Not their best design Idea, I will admit.

Lets go straight into the specifications:

  • CPU is the same, but on Pro it is overclocked at 2.1GHz where as the original is 1.6 GHz
  • Console can run at 4.20 teraflops where the original ran at 1.84 teraflops.
  • HDMI™ out port supports 4K/HDR, and Digital Out OPTICAL port
  • Extra USB port at the back
  • Comes in as standard 1TB storage
  • Bluetooth 4.0

One thing to note however, the Bluray player on the Pro will not output 4K…

“Lol wut??”

Yes I found that a bit odd as well, but I have a feeling this could probably be added later via firmware upgrade.

In Summary.

The PS4 Pro is going to run faster than the PS4 and fully supports 4K streaming.With GPU clocked higher, you can expect games to have a much smoother fame rate than the original PS4. It also bigger and weighs more than the original PS4 as a result.

The retail price comes at £350, which is actually a very reasonable price. Now the question here is…Should you buy it? Well if you’re strictly a Sony gamer and Sony gamer only. It would be worth doing so, that way you can experience games the way the developers want you to. However make sure you have a 4K tv first. If you really don’t mind what gaming console you have or do not have a specific preference and own one of the current gen consoles. I would wait a bit longer, and see what the Xbox One Scorpio will be like, as it will offer what the PS4 pro has and more…

See the link here:

Or just buy both

“I am!”

Well we need to buy a 4K tv first…


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