Underrated MCU Villains

Aside from Loki and the incoming Thanos, the villains in the MCU have been a long standing criticism in all the movies. It is the most common and usually the only main issue, fans and critics have had with the movies. I know they haven’t been that strong, but I can think of five who actually posed quite a credible threat to the heroes.

5) Iron Monger – Iron Man

Yes I know, he wasn’t all powerful and did not leave any lasting impressions on us. But the first Iron Man movie is the one that started it all off, without it we probably wouldn’t have the MCU. For their to be an Iron Man in the first place, there had to be a cause for Tony to wear the suit. If it hadn’t for the Iron Monger devising a plot for Tony to be kidnapped and forced into creating am powerful weapon. He would never have seen how badly his company had strayed from his fathers vision, and even when he came to his senses and started to change for the good. Iron Monger still tried to manipulate him and almost managed to stop him with his own suit. Put it this way if there hadn’t been an Iron Monger we probably wouldn’t have had an Iron Man either.
Iron Man
Iron Monger

4) Red Skull – Captain America First Avenger

I think it goes without saying, being Hitlers head of advanced weaponry is bad enough. But add in being the commander of Hydra real adds the cherry to this cake made of poison. Watching this movie, think most fans already knew he was the Red skull before he revealed his true face. But damn that reveal was quite menacing on the big screen, and think of all the innocent people he had killed to get his hands on the Tesseract and that he is one of the founding members of Hydra which to this day still exists. I think its safe to say the Red Skull warrants to be a credible villain in the MCU. On screen he was twisted with zero tolerance and even though the Cap managed to take him down, he had to take himself down with him.
Red Skull

3) Ronan – Guardians of the Galaxy

This character takes a hit, because he essentially plays the errand boy for Thanos. As he is promised that the planet Xander is destroyed if he gives an orb (later found out to be holding an infinity stone) to Thanos. However I still remember when he was first introduced in the movie, where he is monologuing who he is and what he represents and what he is after. While at the same time he has a soldier captured and tortured, then killed with one hit on the head by a devastating swing of a hammer by Ronan himself. I thought that was quite an introduction to be honest. Lets not forget, when he takes the power of the Infinity stone and infuses it to his staff, he essentially gives Thanos the middle finger and tells him to stay out of his way otherwise he will destroy him too. He probably would have failed, but you cant not be impressed by Ronan’s confidence and relentlessness to getting what he wants. But for Star Lords last second intervention, he would have destroyed an entire planet in an instant. Surely that warrants him being a credible rogue no?


2) Ultron – Avengers Rise Of Ultron

Regardless of how this sequel played out and being used as a platform to move the main plot of the Infinity wars. Lets not forget the impact Ultron had, on not only the Avengers but the worlds perception of them. He was created by Tony’s paranoia of the on coming threats beyond Earth, and essentially was his evil twin. He had that charisma like Loki, and the visionary of New world leader. Even though he was a synthetic being, he managed to pull the avengers apart and with the help of the twins left them in a pile of psychological mess. He managed to get an entire country into the sky and while he was ultimately stopped from destroying nearly the whole planet. Many innocent people were killed and his actions had planted the seeds for the division amongst The Avengers. Also the whole “No strings on me” analogy was brilliant and emphasised how badly things can go wrong when we try to be more powerful than our own good.


1) Baron Zemo – Captain America Civil War

This guy cant even be classed as a Super villain, as he had no super powers or extraordinary resources at his disposal. He was just one man, hell bent on getting his revenge on The Avengers, for not being able to save his family in the events of Age Of Ultron. But how he did it was so impressive and his reasons why he did them in a particular way were also impressive. I know, in order for some of his plans to work, there had to be a fair dose of convenient plot points and incredible amount of luck. However, the actual blueprints to his plans made sense, and what more he probably could have done more than just take down the Avengers, but like I said he just wanted to end them. It was a nice change from another take over the world or destroy it scenario. The Accords may have lead to the Avengers splitting apart, Zemo lead them to actually fighting one another. At the very end, where he shows footage of Tonys parents being killed by The Winter solider, is one of the darkest and cruelest things a villain can do and he did it just to see them fight one another. He was captured in the end, but by the end of it all as it stands the team of Avengers are no more. He did this purely by his brain and instincts, best way to defeat the Avengers? let them fight each other.


So those are the villains I feel deserve to be given more credit than they have been given, now I’m not saying they are up there with Loki and Thanos apart from maybe Zemo. But they should also be remembered as the more positive parts the roles they played in their respective movies, as supposed to being more of a negative or underwhelming aspect.
Agree or disagree? Any others worth mentioning? Please let me know your thoughts.

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