Time To Invest In A Smart Watch

When smart watches first came out, I thought they were really just a gimmick to be honest:

Like who wants to start talking to their wrist?

Are we seriously going to use a watch for a camera, when we have a phone in our pocket?

Do we really need to have our notifications appear on our arm?

To me, watches were part of the clothing we wear. You buy a particular watch that matches you as an extension of your own style and look, while of course being able to tell the time.

But after starting to get tired of having to get my phone out when wanting to change songs or see my notifications while at the gym.

Sounds like you’re training real hard mate, and also what a lame first world problem for a first world douche.

Well putting all that aside

My phone would quite often be covered in sweat and my break in between sets would last longer because I would end up wasting time on my phone.

Clearly not training very hard are ya?

So I started to consider a smart watch, I already had a pair of bluetooth headphones and wanted to continue with the wireless approach.

Just want to point out, I got both my wireless headphones & headset back January 2016, I was wireless before Apple made it a thing, no hipster here.

It was already a thing, so stop kidding yourself here.

Anyways, I really wanted a way to keep my phone in my pocket. So yes, I bought an Apple Smart watch. I had it synched with my iphone in minutes via bluetooth connection as well as my headphones.

A gym music playlist was saved on the watch, headphones were connected. Phone zipped away in my pocket. I was wireless and ready to train.

4 Your Eyez Only - J.Cole & Jaybird x2
4 Your Eyes Only – J.Cole & Jaybird x2

You made more gains in going wireless, than in your muscles!

Furthermore there is a functionality to have workout sessions created on the fitness app of the phone. Where I could set goals, like calories burned & duration of the workout. I could then name each workout and save them, which would all be logged and seen on the supporting app on my phone.

The workouts are actually:  Chest, Back, Legs, shoulders & arms.
The workouts are actually: Chest, Back, Legs, shoulders & arms.

Okay I will admit, this was neat way to keep a record of our sessions and how we are getting along.

Now you are getting my drift.

But honestly speaking, the best thing is.

Getting notifications on the watch.

This is for my e-mails, text messages, phone calls, alarms, and other apps that use alerts.

Even for texts, there are quick responses I could select or quickly scribble on using my fingers, which were surprisingly good at getting an accurate read of what Im trying to write.

I have other apps like the Guardian newspaper where I could choose what type of headline news I would receive. Bleacher report which is a sports app that gives me breaking news for my favourite sports teams and few other apps like Snapchat etc.

Highly recommend Bleacher report, to keep you up to date with your favourites sports!
Highly recommend Bleacher report, to keep you up to date with your favourites sports!

With just a small vibration, I raise my wrist and I can quickly see and read the latest news and headlines. My phone in the meantime, is just either left in my pocket when Im working out or just left on my desk un touched when I am in the office or at this moment of time, writing this post.

Okay we are also making gains on our phone battery life as a result

Maybe its just me, because I can read the notifications quickly. I don’t actually feel the need to pick up my phone and reply back to messages when I shouldn’t be at the time, or reading up on the headlines when I can be doing so later.

Unless of course its a text from Mum, you better respond right there and then bro!

Also smart watches are so much cheaper now from when they first came out, that to behonest anyone can get hold of one.

Dude our delivery driver bought an android one from Amazon for like £11, it even lets you put a sim in it!

If you are into your tech I recommend getting one, as they are good way of keeping your phone away while keeping you informed in what you want to stay informed with. Obviously Apple Watch will work best with iphones and Android watches will work better with Android phones, thats just the way it is. However you can still use them across both platforms.

Back to my current smart watch, I get more out of it by actually setting a daily calories burned tracker, as well as how many steps Ive taken and times I have stood up etc. It is a good way to keep you motivated for being active and healthy, and in this modern age I think it is more important than ever.

Hit my target on most days..
Hit my target on most days..

But of course for those special occasions, a more traditional watch will be much better suited, but for everyday use when you are working or out and about and being active. A smart watch, is a very useful gadget to have.

Furthermore they are customisable, from changing the bands, to changing the face designs of the phone.

You can edit the shortcuts, and colours and download more face designs.
You can edit the shortcuts, and colours and download more face designs.

For me, I have the date & time and current weather forecast. Quick access to music, fitness tracker and activity planner.

In the mornings, its minus degrees..
In the mornings, its minus degrees..

So honestly, if you have some money to spare it may be worth your while on jumping onto the smart watch wagon, I have and really enjoying it so far.

Dude we bought it on a store credit card, you better pay it back on time!






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