For Honor Beta Impressions

When I first saw this game announced on E3, I cant deny I was intrigued by it. Samurais fight Vikings fighting Warriors, the possibilities for an epic RPG game was there. The world created, and the character designs looked impressive, however I had a few reservations for two reasons

1) Published by Ubisoft

2) Emphasis on Multiplayer

After playing the closed beta, I’m happy to say I can lay to rest my early skepticism. Not since the first beta release of Titanfall, have I actually enjoyed a new fresh multiplayer game. This was even more refreshing, as it wasn’t an FPS nor a shooter.

There were Three Game types

Dominion – 4vs4: Combat with npc soldiers, where two factions had to take control of three different zones on the map. But with a twist, of when you reach certain amount of points, there are sudden death moments where the two factions have to take out each other with no respawn available.

NPC soldiers add to the battlefield atmosphere
                           NPC soldiers add to the battlefield atmosphere

Brawl – 2vs2: You and ally fight two other players, in some maps you will be separated from your companion and others you will start together. The aim is to take out one player first, so you can double team the remaining player, in a best out of 5 match.

Lastly 1 vs 1 fights: That were more like traditional one on one combat.

1vs1 really feels like an actual duel.
                                           1vs1 really feels like an actual duel.

The maps themselves, were actually gorgeous to look at. In terms of atmosphere you have to give the art team credit, they really created some locations that oozed battlefield warfare, also there were certain sections you can interact with to lay traps for your opponents.

Then there is the customisation, you could literally change anything you want, from the robes, to the hats, to the blade, to even your footwear. When I mean customising I don’t just mean changing colours and design, but also adding logos and applying different materials for stat boosts. Might I add you can create your own logos, and there were some really creative ones out there.

There were also a number of different character classes to choose from, all offering different types of play styles. In the menu, it will actually describe what type of fighter they are and how difficult they are to play with.

Nobushi was my favourite
                                              Nobushi was my favourite

In terms of gameplay, this isn’t just some hack and slash, or hit this button to counter and then use this move to finish them off. This game actually plays like, you are fighting with swords, bamboo sticks, nunchucks etc. You block by moving the right stick in the direction your enemy is trying to hit you. For example if they are aiming for your lower right leg, you move the analog stick to the lower right. The same applies to when you want to land a hit, you do the same movements but this time you also press the trigger button. R1/RB for quick attack, R2/RT for a special attack.

Add in parries, executions, environmental attacks and a few more. There is actually a lot of strategy to the combat. One moment you are in a duel, then out of nowhere another enemy comes and you are being double teamed, you either stick it out and try to fight them both or try to run and hopefully find an ally or trap them both.


I honestly had a lot of fun playing this game with my friend, really appreciate on how different the gameplay mechanics are to other games of this style. I just hope that the Beta, isn’t the whole package and that there will be more modes to play. Also that the actual story has been given the same love, because this game has so much potential lore and really interesting universe to explore. Especially when you consider, there is a story for each faction for you to go through.

So I have to give Ubisoft credit for giving this closed Beta access. They have announced an open beta for February 9th, for those who didn’t play it this weekend. So will be looking forward to playing some more, I would definitely recommend giving the beta a try!



  1. This game really does interest me. Very few games manage to get melee combat right but For Honour has the right idea. Sadly I’ll probably have to give it a miss as I just don’t have the time to put into multiplayer games to get good at them anymore. It’s something I’ll totally watch on Twitch though.


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