Iron Fist Trailer Reaction

Netflix dropped an Iron Fist trailer today, check it out here:

First and foremost, Claire Temple will be returning again. Just like she did for Luke Cage, Daredevil & Jessica Jones. For real though, she is like the Nick Fury of the Netflix Marvel Heroes.

So far she has been the link, between all the Superheroes.
                  So far she has been the link, between all the Superheroes.

Then again, I actually don’t know much about The Defenders so I’m guessing she is a part of the group to?

Someone let me know.

Following on that point, the trailer does say he is the “Final Defender”. So I’m hoping for maybe a teaser of the show in the after credits of the final episode for this season.

Wow you talking about the end credits for a show, that only just had its trailer released? Douche

Okay sorry.

The trailer opens up to some up beat Hip Hop music, with Finn Jones trying to get back into his office looking like a homeless person. He been gone for 15 years so naturally the receptionist doesn’t believe him and he has to take a few security guards out to get in. A bunch of martial arts scenes are shown and interactions with what mostly likely to be with key characters in the series, with quite a bit humour and whit from Finn. I get the vibe this is going to be a more light hearted series in comparison to the other three superhero shows.

You really are making a lot of early conclusions with this one aren’t ya?

Yes, and it turns out I could be a bit wrong. As before you know it, there are dead bodies and blood being splattered everywhere. Finn Jones is talking to someone, telling them how bad people have gotten in the inside and he needs to take them down.

As a fan of mix martial arts, I’m really looking forward to seeing the fight scenes. If this trailer is anything to go by, looks like we are going to get that in spades. The trailer did make the show look more edgier and seem a bit more fast paced, which I hope it does. We already hear him tell Claire he is Iron Fist, so I’m hoping it goes straight into his escapades and no slow build up like Jessica Jones and Luke Cage. Maybe more like Daredevil, but even he hadn’t decided what he was till the end of season 1.

In conclusion, the show releases on March 17 and I will be ready to binge watch it all!

It is going to be Lit!
                                                               It is going to be Lit!

What are your thoughts on the trailer? Are you excited to watch the show?


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