Lego Batman Review

After much anticipation, and having to wait an extra week to watch it. I finally got to see the Lego Batman movie. As a massive Batman fan, and someone who enjoyed the Lego Movie very much, I had high hopes for this movie. Here are my thoughts on it.

Getting Straight Into the Action

The movie starts at what feels like 70mph, we see the Joker and the rest of Batman’s rogues hatching a plan to blow up Gotham city, and the Bat needs to take them down.

You see so many of his rogues, that you will probably want to watch the movie again, to see if you can spot them all. This being a spoof of course, the villains were not being portrayed as anything to sinister or threatening to Batman.

Bane speaking in an over exaggerated tone to the one that was portrayed by Tom Hardy was one of the standouts.

Even the Joker himself, isn’t that bothered about destroying Gotham. Instead his focus is on getting the approval from Batman, that he is his greatest nemesis and his worst enemy

No no it will always be Superman

There there Joker
There there Joker

The joker insists that him and the Bat have a relationship of sorts, but Batman constantly shoots him down, saying he does not do relationships and he is riding solo always.


With that, we have the main theme of the movie. Companionship, family, and working together. This Batman is very narcissistic and arrogant, luckily in Lego form it makes for great comedy.

This gives you a good idea, of what to expect from him!
This gives you a good idea, of what to expect from him!

He never wants to take his cowl off, he comes home to the Bat Cave and eats dinner by himself and has no interest in making friends at all.

But as the film progresses and we are introduced to Dick Greyson, who the Bat adopts un wittingly and Barbara Gordon being put in place as the new Commissioner. Batman is forced to change and be more open to people

How this happens, was both funny and fun but at the same time there were some deep moments that you could very much relate to in everyday life.

Need to make a family vehicle Bats!
Need to make a family vehicle Bats!

The Music, the Comedy, the Action

As mentioned earlier, this movie runs at 70mph and bar a few scenes in between towards the end. It continues to do this at a relentless pace. You are getting all sorts: scenes in Arkham and Supermans Lair, Batman training Robin, and trying to undermine Barbara Gordon. Blink and you will miss it.

Shout out to the Adam West Batman moments, that were most fitting of this spoof

In some ways this movie celebrates the history of Batman. You get highlight reels of previous movies, one liners from previous actors who played Batman, variants of the villains he has faced and more. The casual Batman fans among us, probably we wont pay attention to them much, but for the rest of us, you will want to keep your eyes and ears open at all times.

Surprisingly there was a lot of music in this movie, a lot more than The Lego Movie, from the opening to the end. You are getting new songs specifically for the movie, or a new rendition of existing songs with Batman quips added. Some times it was getting a bit too much for me, but nothing to over bearing

Batman rapping though, still better than 2 Chainz

The animation is just like the Lego movie, and look impressive as ever and will keep you fixated at the screen and you cannot help but marvel at how they have re imagined Gotham City.

Nice choice of adjective there buddy hehe

The presentation here is just pure fan service, and seeing them in Lego form will still get you sitting up and saying…

OMG thats the Batmobile from the animated series!

Bat Cave, is full of easter eggs
Bat Cave, is full of easter eggs

Exactly, and the fighting will have you chuckling with the way the characters fight and perform their moves. They made Batman so over powered here, that his enemies just cant handle him. Which is why it makes sense what the Joker does, to get help in taking him down.

No spoilers here though, watch the movie to find out!

Great Spin off, but not as great as the Lego Movie

Overall I think the story of The lego movie was stronger and more engaging, even if this movie is trying to pass off a great message about having friends. I felt this movie, was more kid friendly than the Batman movie. Meaning, adults probably would have enjoyed The Lego movie more, as it had some elements that were more aimed for the older crowd.

That is not a fault though, this is a kids movie. We are just big kids ourselves

That and being a big Batman fan too!

In Conclusion

If you are a fan of Batman, you will definitely want to watch this movie. Kids will eat it up and have a great time. For the adults who are not huge Batman fans, you may be a bit disappointed, but still if you liked the Lego movie you could find yourself still having a good time overall.

Still better than Batman vs Superman



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