Sony has Started 2017 with a Bang

We are still only in February, but Sony have already got a number of titles out for their console, and I have already fallen behind on playing them.

I wrote an article on how disappointing the PS4 Pro was, but considering how well their console has been selling, with hardly any exclusives. It looks to be more of a master stroke by the company, to semi update their console and go back to doing what they do best, delivering top quality first party consoles.

Yakuza 0

This game sort of went under the radar, as it came out in the first weeks of the new year. Imagine most folks, are going through games they bought over Christmas or catching up on titles that they missed out on. Furthermore, this game is a niche title and will appeal to a certain group of fans. That being fans of JRPG and anime/manga. The game has a lot of flaws, the graphics aren’t that great and you have many old school gaming dynamics, like invisible barriers and linear story progression. But the more you play, gradually the world will open up to you and there is actually a very interesting story to invest in that will keep you interested till the very end. There are many outlandish mini games and segments, that I will not go into to much detail here

Gaming porn!

I skipped those parts I swear! Anyways check this game out if you haven’t already.


Team Ninja, have been asleep for the past few years.

Don’t blame them, the last Ninja Gaiden game was terrible

But they have awoken, with a great RPG game set in 600 within a fictionalised dark fantasy version of the late Sengoku period. An extremely challenging game, in the mold of the Dark Souls series, if you like dying alot and tough boss fights. This is the game for you

Although the gameplay is a lot faster, more like Ninja Gaiden, which is what made me get this game

The style and charisma of this game is typical Team Ninja, overall the plot is also typical Team Ninja. But you get great cut scenes, and I would say overall its not as difficult as Dark souls, but you will still get that feeling of achievement when you complete each chapter.

Horizon Zero Dawn

One of the most anticipated games of the year, and really the game to showcase the PS4 Pro potential. A lot of hype has been surrounding this game, developed by the folks that gave us the Killzone series, you get a game set in the future but also with prehistoric atmosphere.

Villagers fighting animals made from technology, not something you see everyday

A new IP for Sony, and already gotten great reviews by You-tubers and game critics alike. Sony have found another hit, like they always do.

Cant wait to play it next week!

Just Getting Started

We still have Crash Bandicoot re-mastered to come out, which will be released in June

Not to mention other titles such as God of War and Insomniac’s Spiderman yet to be given a release date, which could possibly come out this year. Then you also have E3, where new games for this year could also be announced.

Can finally build a library of PS4 games now.

Even though I own both consoles, I have been more of an Xbox gamer since the original was released. But it looks like I will not be playing the Xbox One for a while..



  1. I’ve only played (read: playing) Nioh from that list, but it’s a hell of a game. I’ve been playing 25+ hours and am only half way through due to the side quests. The quests themselves aren’t compelling. But I just want more of the gameplay!

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  2. Let’s not forget Mass Effect Andromeda (upcoming), Resident Evil 7 and Persona 5 (upcoming)! Sony is doing much better than last year. Gonna wait for price drop on a few of the titles, as I have large backlog of 2015-2016 games to finish.

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