Remembering The Wolverine Trilogy

After the release of Logan last month, fans were treated to a truly great send off to one the most beloved comic book heroes. As well as a great send off for Hugh Jackman, who has been playing the character for the last seventeen years. I thought it will be nice to look back at a trilogy of such varying quality.

X-Men Origins Wolverine

This movie gets a lot of stick, for a number of justifiable reasons:

  • Ruining Deadpool
  • The cgi Adamantium claws
  • Boring sub plots
  • Making Sabertooth, Logans half brother
  • Not a true origin story

I watched this movie again recently, and to be honest I didn’t think it was as bad as many make it out to be. Don’t get me wrong its not great and ultimately disappointing. Instead of seeing Logan and Victor fight in all those wars, we just got a highlight reel in the opening credits. It would have been much more interesting to see their lives throughout these times, but at least it gave viewers an insight to Logan’s very large body count in his early years.

I personally wasn’t that bothered that Victor was made Logan’s half brother, if anything it made things more personal between the two in there bitter rivalry. I also thought the portrayal of him being Sabretooth was much better, than what we saw in the first X-Men movie. The scene when Logan’s gets his adamantium claws was gripping and when he took down the helicopter was truly bad ass.

He felt very threatening, in every scene
He felt very threatening, in every scene

While the movie did a good job on explaining how he lost his memory, that deadpool reveal was terrible and end fight scene was not memorable at all. Ultimately the movie was disappointing with just a few highlights

Say what you want, but this scene was brilliant!
Say what you want, but this scene was brilliant!

The Wolverine

Following all the criticism the Origins movie received, the studio decided not to do a direct sequel. Instead gave a movie on the events after X-Men 3.

Here fans are treated to a movie of much better quality, with an interesting story arc for them to get into. There is plenty of action, the CGI claws are gone and we see a lot more of what Wolverine does best. Which is ripping into his enemies and trying to save those who matter to him.

There is a great scene on a bullet train, one of the standout sequences of any comic book movie and the setting of Japan was a nice change of scenery and really show how much Wolverine can effect those around him.

Claws in
Claws in

The movie isn’t without its flaws though, there were some scenes that dragged out a bit and I felt like the movie probably ran for about half an hour too long. But we did get to see how much of a tragic character Logan is, for someone to really live their life seeing those around him always suffer and even die.

It highlights how much of a curse it can be to have such a long lasting life. Overall it was a great step forward for the character that helped bring the solo movies forward.

He's been through a lot
He’s been through a lot


The highlight of the trilogy, and really where they hit the ball out of the park. Thanks a lot to the R-Rating the movie was given, which ironically was thanks to Deadpool being released last year.

There was a lot of this!
There was a lot of this!

The movie was set in the future, and based loosely on the Old Man Logan comics, where we see a deteriorating Wolverine. He isn’t healing like before, and in fact the adamantium inside him is actually killing him. But now he has given up on trying to live on for another day. A limo driver for cash, we see him looking after Professor Xavier, in a world where there are no more mutants or X-Men. Fans are treated to a masterpiece here, and of my favourite comic book movies of all time.

Without the rating limitation, we got a darker more crude story with the violence taken up a notch. Here we got to see how savage Wolverine really is, and how devastating the adamantium claws are. From skulls being split open, to limbs being ripped apart. There was a lot of bloodshed and a ton of F-bombs too, seeing X-23 take apart her enemies was also a sight to behold. But the movie had plenty of scenes to remind fans, that she is still just a kid who has been through a lot already in her short life, it is quite fitting then, that her father would be Logan himself.

Great acting by Dafne Keen
Great acting by Dafne Keen

We get a bitter sweet ending, and while it may be the end of Hugh Jackman as Wolverine. It has set up nicely, for a new generation of mutants in the X-Men universe.


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