Injustice 2, Gave The Real Batman vs Superman Story

Beware there will be some spoilers in this article

In the the first Injustice, Superman had turned to the “dark side” and created his own regime to become Law & Order on Earth in an alternate universe. You were either with him or against him, Batman had to bring several superheroes from a different universe to help take him down. Eventually in-prisoning him and breaking the regime. However as great as the story was in the original, it was more of a bad Superman vs a Good Batman, not a pure Batman vs Superman story.

Good vs Bad
Good vs Bad

In the sequel, facing the villain Brainiac. The two heroes are forced to team up once again to save Earth, but ultimately they clash with two different ideals regarding “Justice”.

We get a deeper layer to Superman’s character, beyond his grief from losing Louis and his un born child. We start to understand why he turned to the darker side, and actually understand his point of view. Furthermore, Brainiac was the one who destroyed Krypton, making this more than saving Earth but on a personal note a chance for him to avenge his planet. As a result, we get two endings that players can choose from.

A Sinister Villain for a darker story
A Sinister Villain for a darker story

Now I have seen online, people writing them as good and bad endings. However I see them as the ending siding with Superman or the ending siding with Batman. Playing through the story, reminded me of Captain America Civil War. Where there is a villain the heroes must take down, but their is conflict within the group.

Following on from the first game, the heroes/villains that sided with Superman are still at large, while some are in prison. These include: Wonder Woman, Black Adam, Cyborg to name a few.

On top of this we have Super Girl, she is introduced as the character who is to protect Superman on the day Krypton is destroyed. But due to her ship being thrown of course, she only recently arrives on Earth and is founded by Black Adam and Wonder Woman. Who initially manipulate her into thinking Batman and his friends are the enemy. Eventually she sees both sides of the coin from the two factions of heroes and villains and makes up her own mind on which side she believes in.

Does Supergirl stick by her cousin?
Does Supergirl stick by her cousin?

As the story progresses and the heroes take on other villains who are working for Brainiac, the heroes clash amongst them selves on whether they should kill the villain once and for all or just capture them and let them live on.

However that is just one of the underlying factors why the side of Superman and Batman fight one another. There are number of scenes where they mention The Joker tricking Superman into destroying Metropolis, and if Joker was put away a long time ago, none of this will have ever happened. Which you start to understand their point of view, when you think of the millions of lives lost at the hands of The Joker.

You have the stubbornness of Batman having his no killing rule, while Superman trying to show him, sometimes the ends justify the means. Sometimes we have to go above and beyond what we believe in for the greater good. But what is the greater good and how far down the line do you want to go? The player gets to decide, with the two choices at the ending. With an epic clash between Batman and Superman to end the story.

All three characters play a significant role in both endings
All three characters play a significant role in both endings

Due to how well the story is written, with epic cut scenes, giving several characters a chance to shine and address themselves. You are given an excellent DC Civil war, and actually a very strong and compelling villain they must take down. I think fans of both Superman and Batman will be happy with how both characters are represented here, and is set up nicely for a third instalment.

Oh and the game is a lot of fun to play too, if you are comic book fan then I highly recommend picking up this title. Or you can just watch all the cut scenes on youtube, either way you do not miss out on a great epic story between Batman and Superman


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