Xbox One X Impressions

A console that will let you play games in native 4K, with a slightly smaller build than the One S, as well as up-scaling current games to 1080p for non 4K TVs. This really is the most powerful games console on the market.

The name sounds so stupid though, they should have stuck to Scorpio.

For comparisons sake, here is a chart of the specs for the One X with the PS4 Pro

The three main categories: CPU,GPU, and RAM mean that not only will the One X let you play games in 4K but they will also run at full 60 frames per second. Also you get a 4K optical drive for watching movies and alike.

Microsoft managed to make the console smaller, while making sure the console does not overheat and stays quiet using a cooling method known as “Liquid-Cooled Vapour Chamber” Something that is normally associated with PC’s but now for the first time on a games console.

Sleek and small
Sleek and small

Furthermore, all existing Xbox One accessories are compatible with the new machine. So after reading all this, if you’re an original Xbox One owner, or looking to buy a new games console, this will be the one to buy right?


Here are the reasons why:

1) Price – The console will sell at $499/£450. That is $100/£100 more expensive than the Pro, A console that is already offering a 4K gaming experience.

While it may not be true native 4K, watch this short clip of Horizon Zero Dawn and tell me is that extra $100 dollars worth it?

I don’t think so to be honest, and we are looking at a PS4 exclusive which leads on to my next point

2) Lack of Quality Exclusives – Aside from Sea of Thieves and Forza Motorsport 7 were their any major exclusives that looked at system sellers to you? By the way, Sea of Thieves is hardly a graphically intensive game that you will have to be playing on a 4K console for, It will run perfectly fine on an Xbox One S.

Not that bothered about playing this in non 4K
Not that bothered about playing this in non 4K

We are also getting yet another Forza game…

I’m a big fan of the series, I really am. I bought Forza Motosport 5. day one with my original Xbox One, bought Forza 6 and Horizon 3. We have gotten a Forza game every year since 2013, and if I’m being totally honest I kinda need a break from them. I will admit though the game did look incredible and there will be appeal for a lot of racing fans to buy the game.


But where are the rest? Yes we got plenty of indie games, however just like Sea of Thieves. They not that graphically impressive, that you will want to go out and buy a 4K console for, you again will be fine playing them on a One S.

What Microsoft needed, was what Sony have done. Shown us something visually outstanding, something that looked grand in scale and a technological masterpiece. Like Uncharted 4, Horizon Zero Dawn, Last of Us 2, God of War etc.


There were plenty of multi platform titles on show that looked brilliant, but for $100 less you can play them in 4K on a Pro, which leads me to my next point.

3) 4K tv’s – In 2017, still only 1 in 4 households own a 4K TV. The popularity has increased for these TV’s over the past couple of years, with them getting cheaper and cheaper. Eventually majority of households will own one, but you are looking at late 2018/2019. The Pro will play games at 1080P and for the average consumer, and the price the Pro is being sold at, the choice will be made easy for them.

Going back to my point on price, Microsoft should have only made it $50/£50 more expensive, it doesn’t hurt the wallet as much. The consumer will feel justified knowing they paid that little extra to be future proof for a 4K investment.

4) Existing Issues – The Xbox One OS, still needs improving. I felt like this needed to be addressed at the press conference. The groundwork is there, but it is still laggy and cluttered with all sorts of advertisements multimedia pins. There were all these highlight videos of games available to play, they didn’t hammer in the fact that yes this is the most powerful games console, but is it truly for the gamer? You compare the OS to the PS4, the first thing you see is the games that you have installed and ready to play, its quick and smooth and get you playing instantly.

Where as on the Xbox there is always one update or another happening, it could be that with the One X performance of the OS will be much better and they are going to re vamp it. We need to know this first, especially for those who are looking to buy it as an upgrade.

I see this screen, far too often
I see this screen, far too often

5) Back to games – In the end, as a fan of Xbox. Someone who made the jump to PS1 to the original Xbox, I just wanted to see new games. I wanted to see New IP’s that would jump me off my seat. I wanted to see something big, on the same level as Halo, Gears, Fable, etc. When was the last time we got a quality new exclusive IP? I believe it was Sunset Overdrive back in 2014.

For these reasons, I will not be upgrading my Xbox one to the X. Will stick to playing on the Pro as my main console.

I’m so glad we bought a PS4!

Those are my thoughts and opinions, what are your’s? Please share them below!



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