CD-PROJEKT RED Approach to Developing on Consoles was Wrong?

After watching the video released by CD Projekt RED where they apologise for the issues with Cyberpunk 2077, what went wrong and how they plan to address the issues. I have come up with my own conclusion of where I think they went wrong.

In Game streaming was the issue, they were using this feature for the console versions of Cyberpunk 2077. This feature was feeding the game engine and game mechanics to the consoles. That is where they ran into the bugs and glitches for the console versions. They used this feature, as they decided to develop the game for the PC first and then work their way down to the consoles, and this is where I think they went wrong.

In the video, they tell us they were aware of the hardware limitations of the consoles compared to the PCs, but they underestimated how big of a gap there was between the two platforms. I think from there they were always fighting an up hill battle, and really they just needed more time to work on the consoles. Now I know on PCs there were issues too, but clearly they must have spent significant time just trying to make the console versions work and ultimately failing.

In my opinion, I think it would have been better to work on the console versions first and then work their way up to the PCs. The console hardware limited them to many of the things they can do with the game engine, so for me it makes sense to work on the smaller platform first. You can still establish a game design and mechanics on the console and transfer that over to the PC. But before you have gone to PC, you know the base version of the game is operational. To put in simpler terms, lets say..

On Console: 30 FPS —> PC: 60 FPS

On Console: No ray tracing –> PC: Yes to ray tracing

On Console: Small pool of NPCS –> PC: Large pool of NPCS

On console: Longer load screens to load the levels–> on PC: Shorter load screens

I hope that makes sense to you all? But I just see it as, you work your way up rather than working your way down. I hope it doesn’t sound like what I am saying is port the console version over to the PC, as we know how bad that can be. But rather, truly develop two versions of the game, but do the less capable version first and then use that as the framework for the more powerful version, which in this case would be the PC version.

That is my thoughts on where I think CD Projekt RED went wrong, but what are yours? Do you think how they developed the game was fine, and just needed longer time? Are you still going to pick up the game after all the updates are complete?

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