My Favourite Games on The PS4 (Exclusive Only)

Following on from my list of favourites on the Xbox One generation, its now to list down my favourite exclusives on PS4. Remembering my one Caveat when defining exclusive.

Exclusive to one Console only, PC being exempt. For example: Horizon Zero Dawn being available on Xbox and PC but not on PS4 or Nintendo Switch

Lets jump in!

Last of Us Part 2

I still feel like I am in the minority of those who enjoyed the game and thought the story was also good. If you would like my full thoughts on the game, please read my review. In any case, it being on the bottom of the list doesn’t mean it was the weakest game here, just the case of how many good first party games came out on the PS4, that has put Last of Us 2 at the bottom. It was one of my favourite games of 2020, and if you like story driven single player games, with a dose horror and third person gameplay. This is one you have to play.

Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End

Honestly, I feel bad for putting two Naughty Dog games at the bottom of my list. I kept trying to think of reasons why Uncharted 4 needs to be higher, this game came out in the first half of the console lifecycle and I feel like it goes under the radar sometimes. I have a feeling if I were to play this game again now, it would be placed higher. When it comes to offering a cinematic experience when playing video games, I feel this is the undisputed king. Some may not like the scripted moments, but for me they are done so seamlessly that it adds to the experience and creates some amazing spectacles. Some of the visuals in this game are breath taking and I will never forget that one sequence when you’re chasing the enemies down on a motorcycle and getting dragged across the mud and crashing into all sorts. If I didn’t have such a backlog, I think I would be replaying this game right now.

Ghost of Tsushima

My favourite game of 2020, and one of the best open world games I’ve ever played. Ghost of Tsushima was a fantastic send off for the PS4. This game is like a piece of art, inspired by Japanese history and even their cinema, Ghost gave me hours and hours of fun. I took so many screenshots when playing this game, and was one of few games that I actually played in Japanese dub. I loved the combat and exploration in this game, so often these days, open world game maps are cluttered with icons for players to go and check out. Ghost of Tsushima made exploration so organic and rewarding, very similar to Legend of Zelda Breath of The Wild. I can’t think of much I didn’t like this about this game, this game will go down as an instant classic.


If you have been following my blog for a while, you will know I am a massive Spider-Man fan. He is my favourite superhero of all time. When I saw the first trailer for this game back in 2016, I almost cried. Okay maybe not, but I was super super excited. Two and a half years later, I got hold of that game and I did not stop playing it from the second I put it in. I completed it in less than a week, I bought the complete 3 part DLC expansion. As soon as New Game + dropped, I played it again and completed it 100% and got my first ever platinum trophy. I proceeded to 100% complete all three DLC expansions too. Yes for the most part, it is a by the numbers open world game. But everything is done to an extremely high level, the story is well written and is a classic Spider-Man comic book one at that. All Spider-Man fans loved this game universally, we finally got a good Spider-Man game since Shattered Dimensions which came out way back in 2010. I thoroughly enjoyed the Miles Morales expansion that came out on PS5, and now I am anticipating the sequel for this. Hopefully not long!

Horizon Zero Dawn

This game came as a surprise to me, I didn’t expect to enjoy it as much as I did. But from the minute I booted up the game, I was hooked. This was the second PlayStation exclusive to wow me with its graphics after Uncharted 4. The Dinosaur like robots looked ferocious and deadly, while the more friendly ones came across more inviting and intriguing. The story is where the game really surprised me, It was way more original than I thought it would be. The gameplay was also a lot of fun, it was more methodical than it looked and it was about planning and picking your battles. Exploration was rewarded and there was some great side quests too. The main character Aloy is one of my new favourite video game characters to be created in recent times, especially in the last generation. I haven’t played the DLC for this game, something I must do before the sequel comes out later this year.

God of War

Here it is, my number one favourite PlayStation exclusive and easily in my top 5 overall games of the last generation. God of War is a masterpiece. The world built within Norse mythology, is mystical, vibrant, mysterious, beautiful and alluring. I ran out of adjectives to be honest. The dynamic between Kratos and his son, was so well written and voice acted. You felt a true bond between them both, and really felt the conflict and love for eachother. The combat almost matched the visuals and story. Swinging Kratos’s axe and throwing it like a boomerang was oh so satisfying and there were some insane boss battles too. If you also want a challenge in your video games, God of War had you covered. Also, best camera work in any game I have ever played. It was like playing a movie that was shot in one take! As if you were the cameraman following Kratos and his son on their adventure. Cutscenes were used to load the next sections and I can’t remember their being any jump cuts or switching from one scene to another. It truly felt like you were following along with them, in every step of the way. No other video game has even attempted to do something like this, and I feel it is not mentioned enough. I cant wait for Ragnarok (the sequel) especially since it will be on the PS5.

So that was my list of favourite games on PS5, now I know just like with Xbox there are games missing. Several are on my backlog that I need to play, luckily the PlayStation + collection on the PS5 has me covered. These are the games I plan to play, which I no doubt would appear on my list.

  • Persona 5
  • Detroit Become Human
  • Rachet & Clank
  • Yakuza 0
  • Nioh 1 & 2
  • BloodBourne
  • Final Fantasy 7

That is quite a a few to be fair, and trust me my backlog is huge. But still I think my list of favourites is still comprehensive enough.

So what did you all think of my list? Any of them your favourites? If you were to make a list, what would be in yours? Sound off below!


  1. The PS+ collection is so sweet. It’s such a welcome addition for those of us who haven’t had a PlayStation in a long time, as I’ve heard of most of these games but never had the means to play. The Last Of Us has been the highlight for me so far and I just bought the sequel – looking forward to that!

    Liked by 1 person

    • Definitely!
      I’m going to be making the most of it for sure.
      I’m really interested to hear what you think of the Last of Us 2 when you get around to playing it. Its was a polarising game last year

      Liked by 1 person

  2. A very strong list there. I totally agree with God of War, the game blew me away when I played it. I never expected it to be as good as it was. The best game on the PS4. I’ve not played Ghost of Tsushima but it’s one I plan on playing at some point.

    You are in for a treat with Persona 5, I would defiantly add that to your list of best PS4 games. If you enjoyed Heavy Rain you’ll more than likely enjoy Detroit Become Human too. I was a little disappointed with FF7, but then again the original is one of my favourite games of all time so it was always going to be hard to meet my expectation.

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    • Same here! Even after watching reviews, I was still surprised on how good the game it was. Masterpiece does not do it justice.

      Ghost of Tsushima is a brilliant game, I’m sure you’re going to have a good time playing it, especially if you like open world games.

      Yes my cousins have told me how good Persona 5 is and its one I am looking forward to playing soon! Being a fan of anime, I already know I’m going to love it.

      I never played Heavy Rain but I know about the style of game both are, and its that aspect that has me interested in playing Detroit, plus I love games that offer you choices that effect the outcome of stories.

      I believe this FF7 is only one part of the full game right?


      • Heavy Rain was one of my favourite games on the PS3, I am a sucker for story heavy games and this was one of my favourites, the gameplay could be a bit sluggish at times but without spoiling it there are some moments in the game that are absolutely gripping.

        Yes, there is more to expect from the FFVII remake but to me it felt like a lot of what they added to the game was purely and simply grind for grinds sake, adding very little to the solid foundation they were working with.

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      • I won’t bee too fussed about the gameplay, its definitely the story that I’m looking forward to the most!

        Yeah I read they added a lot of filler to the game. I’ve only played Final Fantasy 15 which I really enjoyed, but I know that plays differently to 7. I think at some point I will have to take the time to play the original as well.


  3. That’s a great list. I think I’d go with TLOU2, Uncharted 4, God of War, Horizon and maybe Resogun (though that is on PS3/Vita too, so maybe Astro Bot: Rescue Mission if that doesn’t count) as my top five. Not really sure on the order. Ghost of Tsushima and Spider-man were a lot of fun too though.


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