Moving on from The Witcher 3 – Gaming Chronicles

A couple weeks ago I completed The Witcher 3, after spending almost hundred hours on the game. I have struggled to invest my time into another game. Even though I just completed the game, I am already reminiscing playing The Witcher 3.

When it Started

I purchased The Witcher 3 the first week it came out, way back in 2015. I started the game, a couple days before going on holiday to Barcelona and Las Palmas. I never played any of the previous Witcher games, hadn’t read the books or even know the name of the main character. I just knew it was an action adventure open world RPG set during Medieval times. I bought the game, only because a number of my Xbox buddies were huge fans and insisted I buy the game. After playing it for a few hours before going on holiday, I never returned to the game. I was applying for jobs after graduating University, I was working extra hours in my part time job and Batman Arkham knight released shortly after. Before I knew it, The Witcher 3 started to collect dust on my shelf as I chose to play other new releases that were coming out and other games that I purchased from sales.

After watching so many reviews of The Witcher 3 and enjoying the TV show on Netflix, I knew I owed it to myself to play the game and give it a proper try. So eventually, five and a half years later I started a new save and began to play the game again.

Highly recommend watching this show!

Slow Burner but Making Progress

It took me about five or six hours to get into The Witcher 3, during those first few hours I was sort of forcing myself to play the game. Aside from enjoying the card game Gwent, I was playing for the sake of it. But I knew that if I stuck with it and just kept playing, something good will come of it. I started to really invest my time in the game world and learn the lore. I was no longer skipping conversations and really listening to what the characters had to say. I payed more attention to the combat and used actual inventory management for taking on beasts and other quests. Soon after about ten hours or so, I started to see what the fuss over The Witcher 3 was all about.

I’m all in and no Looking Back

After getting to a decent level, I was able to take part in fun side quests and Witcher contracts. More main characters were introducing themselves to me and I was really fascinated by their back story and their relationship with Geralt. Now I really wanted to know what happens next in the story, I wanted to see how I can help certain characters. Gwent also became an obsession, every Pub I went to, I challenged the owner. Every merchant I came across I challenged them to a game, and any NPC I met through the story, if I could play them, I would. My card collection was growing and my lust for rare cards was uncontrollable. On top of that, I was invested in the skill tree and I was desperate to power up certain abilities. I was doing as many side quests and contracts I could do, for that precious XP to level up and get skill points. The Witcher 3 had me, my wife knew that she had no lost me to the game. When I should be working from home, I was playing the game.

Even won a Gwent tournament!

The End is Approaching

As I began to embark on the final quests for the main story on The Witcher 3, I made sure to tie up any loose ends with other characters and side missions. I knew there were multiple endings, some more bad than the others. Ultimately the final ending could be interpreted good or bad depending on how you look at it. I didn’t really know at the time, what ending I would be getting. Or what I had done to reflect the ending. All I wanted to make sure was, to give myself the best possible outcome. So all of a sudden my life was just revolving around The Witcher, I was giving it all my time. Well as much as I possibly could. The end climax was incredible, the ending was satisfying. As the credits roll, I sat there knowing I had given the game my all. Every decision I made, for the most part was correct. The time I spent, was well spent. I was happy and relieved, but as I turned my Xbox off I knew it was all over. My time with The Witcher 3 was over, and I was left thinking what next?

You will give me XP!


Shadow of The Tomb Raider was available to download for free on Playstation +, it was the final entry in the reboot/prequel trilogy. I had played the previous two, and I felt this was the perfect timing to play the game. So I started it up, and sure the first few opening hours were exciting and exhilarating. But I just couldn’t connect with the game. My heart and thoughts were still with The Witcher 3. All those memories just came back into my head. The first time I took on a Ghoul, my first Gwent game, even helping that crazy lady find her saucepan. I was just feeling like, this isn’t the same. This isn’t as good as The Witcher 3. Maybe it doesn’t need to be, it’s a different game, by a different developer, it’s different world with new characters to connect with. But how do I find the urge to reinvest my time and thoughts into this new game, after spending so much time with another. I am struggling to let go, but I know just like I did at the beginning with The Witcher 3, I just need to push myself and I know I will enjoy playing this game too.

Shadow of The Tomb Raider

So thats where I am at with video games currently, where are you? Have you ever struggled to get into another game after playing one for so long?

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