Great Mini Games found in Open World Games

Open world games are one of my favourite genres in video games, from exploring the vast open land, finding hidden secrets and completing memorable side quests. Open world games are the easiest way to lose track of time and get lost in a virtual world created for our enjoyment. I realised I haven’t truly appreciated some of the mini games you can find within them, so here I am going to jot down a few of my favourites!

Fishing – Final Fantasy XV

Fishing may not even sound like an exciting activity in real life, let alone in a video game. But in Final Fantasy XV it is exactly that. As your comrades from the game, standby and watch you fish, they will get excited as soon as a fish gets hooked onto your bait. The music will start to kick in and start to get dramatic as the fish starts to fight back. The way you catch the fish, is you have to pull the string of the rod back to you by moving it left and right, you have to do in the opposite direction the fish is pulling, but at the same time you have to make sure you’re not pulling too hard otherwise you risking breaking string. It is simple to pick up, but can get very challenging when you’re trying to catch the more rare and larger fish. I spent quite a few hours fishing in Final Fantasy XV and it was a great pass time, The rewards for catching the rare fish was worth it and finding the different species just added to the wildlife you find in the game.

Gwent – Witcher 3

I must admit I am a sucker for a great card game, in real life I spent my childhood playing and collecting Pokemon and Yu-Gi-Oh cards. So when early in the Witcher 3 I was introduced to Gwent, I was hooked immediately. The card game itself didn’t even need to be that good, just the aspect of collecting and finding rare cards was good enough for me. But the card game is also great fun, so much so you can actually play Gwent as a standalone game now, I’ve even seen online you can buy physical cards to play with and trust me I am tempted to buy them! The objective of the game is to score more points than your opponent before you run out of cards. It sounds simple, but there is a lot of Strategy behind it. As you have cards that can nullify your card attacks, remove them from the board, allow you to bring cards back from previous rounds and more. Seriously this is almost a game within a game, as throughout your travels you will find tons of NPCS to challenge in the hopes to winning money or even winning rare cards. This is probably my favourite mini game in any game I have played before and I always make time to play it when ever I sit down to Play Witcher 3

Street Racing – Grand Theft Auto 5

Racing games are one of my favourite genres, so naturally racing in GTA 5 was a hit for me. I especially enjoyed it in GTA 5 due to the driving mechanics of that game. I really didn’t like the physics from GTA 4 and in GTA 5 it felt like a return to the arcade style driving that I enjoyed from the previous entries in the franchise. In GTA 5 you have such a large open map, that provided so many different race courses ,and being able to use almost any type of vehicle kept in each race kept it feeling fresh. It being GTA, you know the races often ended in chaos with all sorts of collisions and explosions taking place. Take this mode online with friends and it just takes it up to a whole new level. Rockstar have definitely made the most of racing in GTA 5, adding tons of new content like a Hot Wheels themed race course. What keeps you coming back for more is the stakes, the stakes can be high in each race especially online. If you like racing games, I am sure like me you had a blast racing in GTA 5.

ConSumo – Bully

A simple arcade game found in a hideout for the nerds of Bullworth Academy. You need to play this game and beat a high score of one the group members to allow you to stay in their hideout. Objective is simple, you control a Sumo and you need to eat the moving food on the screen to make your sumo bigger and gain points. All the while avoiding other sumos that can knock you into poisonous fish. The bigger you get the slower your sumo becomes and the harder it is for you to eat food and makes you an easy target for the other sumos. While playing, you’re treated to a classic arcade Japanese themed arcade music, while you hear the nerds praise you for reaching each milestone. Out of all the previous games I have mentioned, this is the most simple one and offers the least incentive to keep playing. But I don’t know, I still had a blast playing it and me and my cousins would try to beat eachothers high scores. I guess thats what a classic arcade game is all about, beating eachothers high scores and this succeeds at doing exactly that! It is worth noting there are other arcade games to play in the nerds hideout, but I didn’t find them as fun as ConSumo. I guess you could say their hideout is a mini game itself for having a number of arcade games to play. Either way, it was a great addition to the world of Bully.

So those are some of my favourite mini-games, did you play any of the ones I mentioned? Do you have any of your own favourites ? Share your thoughts below!

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