My Favourite Games from The Xbox One Generation (Exclusives Only)

Now that its the start of the new year and both Sony and Microsoft have started a new console generation, I decided to look back and list down my favourite games from both consoles that came out for both exclusively on their own platform. Now I know some games that will appear on the list, will be available on PC, So my definition of exclusive will be.

Exclusive to one Console only, PC being exempt. For example: Forza Motorsport being available on Xbox and PC but not on PS4 or Nintendo Switch

Now lets begin…

Forza Motorsport 5

A launch title that I bought on release day, I had a great time playing the game. It was my first Forza game since Motorsport 3 and I did miss my racing simulator fix. While in terms of quantity it was nowhere near the size of Motorsport 3, it did have some neat features that I really enjoyed. One of which having certain cars being given audio description in the showcase section by members of the old Top Gear presenters. Jeremy Clarkson, James May and Richard Hammond, all three did an amazing job and gave a performance that suited their characteristics like it was off an episode of Top Gear. Beyond that, of course the graphics were incredible and the game ran really well. I don’t think I had any technical issues. I remember sending videos to friends on Snapchat and some thought it was real life. If you consider this was way back in 2013, that was a great achievement. So yeah, regardless of the smaller content in terms of cars and race tracks, I thoroughly enjoyed the game and it was a great launch title.

Halo 5 Guardians

I must admit this game ultimately was a disappointment for me, and I plan to write a separate blog for it explaining why. But it wasn’t a bad game, and being a Halo fan I still enjoyed it. Graphically the game was great, and performed very well too. There were a few new additions to multiplayer, Warzone (not the COD one) was one I really really enjoyed and spent many hours on. The campaign was where my disappointment mainly lied, but there was still fun to be had, and I did play though it on Legendary with a friend and we had a good time with it. If I took my Halo glasses off, it will probably wouldn’t even be on my list. But I can’t, this was a good game and I still put it down as one of my favourite games on the Xbox One.

Forza Motorsport 6

Okay I know, I talked about Forza 5 at the beginning. But I am going in order of my favourites and this was the next one. I won’t spend too long talking about it, but basically. More cars, more customising options, more race tracks and a deeper career mode. Top that off with rain and night time racing, we were given one of the best racing sims of all time. I am talking across all generations and platforms. I never picked up Forza Motorsport 7 as it had a few controversial choices made for that game and it didn’t really much improve on this one. If you own an Xbox One and enjoy racing simulators, this is the one to pick up for sure!

Gears of War 4

I have a bit of a soft spot for the Gears franchise. I enjoyed playing through the campaigns in the original trilogy, but unlike Halo I wasn’t interested in playing another entry. But after playing a demo of the game in EGX and seeing positive reviews, I decided to dive back in. It actually surprised how much I enjoyed the campaign, sure the new cast of characters are not as memorable as the original crew. But they still have some funny dialogue between themselves and you do have a link between them and the original Gears crew. The game performed really well too, it was visually stunning and had some great set piece moments. While there wasn’t much innovations in the core gameplay, it was still a high quality third person shooter. They made some updates to Horde mode and I found myself playing it more than I expected to. I had fun playing it, especially co-op. It was nice to see unlike with Halo, they delivered a game that met fans expectations.

Forza Horizon 4

Oh look another Forza game! I guess it is a testament on the quality of the games from this franchise that they have appeared so often in my list. Horizon 4 was my first game in the Horizon series, I always wanted to play them but for some reason or another I never got around to it. But in October 2018, I was at home for two weeks recovering from a nose operation, the game had just come out and it was based in The United Kingdom. It was meant to be. Playing this game, showed me what I was missing out on. As much as I love the racing sims, I’ve always preferred my racing games to have a bit of premise/story like the Need for Speed Underground series. This had that and more! The stunt man missions were my personal favourites, as you were asked to do some outrageous manoeuvres with some incredible cars. There was even a Halo themed one! Couple that with all the other race types, and very real recreation of the UK. I drove in areas of the game, that I had driven in real life, made it a certified hit with me! The game was just full of great content. I think I need to really write about this game, to express how much I enjoyed it. Just talking about it now, makes me want to turn on my Xbox and get behind the wheel again.


I was tempted to put this game as my number 1 favourite game, as I did play this game the most. But when the multi-platform sequel came out. It really highlighted the flaws in this one, so much so you could almost say this was like a glorified beta/demo. But the core game-play was just so much fun! I hadn’t enjoyed a first person shooter this much since Halo 3, especially online. This was an FPS game truly like no other. the wall running and jumping from roof top to roof top gun-play was ahead of its time. Then introducing the massive Titans was a true game changer, there was a worry they maybe too gimmicky but it wasn’t. It would often change the tide of battle but it never felt so overpowered that the opposing team still could not win. It was very well balanced and you often found momentum swinging back and forth. The campaign was disappointing, there wasn’t many game modes, and there was very little customise. But it was still a ton of fun, and the class progression system kept me coming back for more, as it actually felt like something that I had to earn. It forced me to play with certain guns and titans to level up. It made me experience everything it had to offer and in a way, it kept it feeling fresh. Summer of 2014, I spent so many hours playing with my friends and I always look back at it fondly. I loved the sequel even more and I’m hoping we do get a third.

Sunset Overdrive

Here it is, my favourite exclusive game on the Xbox One platform, Sunset Overdrive! Released back in 2014, by Insomniac studios of all developers. It was a surprise to see them releasing a game exclusively for Xbox, but man I wish they did more. This game is so under rated, it doesn’t get mentioned enough. It had a really cool story that broke the third wall multiple times, it did it so well that Deadpool would have been proud. The exploration was one of the most fun parts of the game, where you’re grinding and gliding from one end of the map to the other, you can chain so many moves together and perform awesome stunts. The combat was difficult to pick up but easy to master and there was a lot of customisation you could do with your character too. While graphically its not the most impressive game you will see, the art style is vibrant and fun. This game just had tons of character, it had me laughing and smiling from the second I started playing. Its nothing like your traditional post zombie apocalyptic game, it was light hearted and just a blast to play. Seriously if you haven’t played this game, please do! Another game that deserves its own blog.

So that was my list of favourites, I know there are exclusives that I missed. But either I didn’t find them that interesting or they had issues upon release so I gave them a miss. Having said that, Gears of War 5 and Sea of Thieves are two games I do plan to play at some point and won’t be surprised if they were to make it on here. But for now, that is my list!

So there we have it, what did you all think of the games I mentioned, any of them your favourites? If you were to make a list what would it be? Sound off below!

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